Your Lake, Your Newspaper


No Ordinary Women

The Garden Club of Lake George was founded in the summer of 1922 by nine women: Mary Whitman Knauth; Marianne Schurz; Gertrude Ranger; Elizabeth Brereton; Mona Hawkins; Mary Hayden; Elizabeth Kreitler; and Charlotte Hyde. These were no ordinary ... Read More

A Taste of Turkish Cuisine in Silver Bay

Traditional Turkish cuisine is more than the sum of its ingredients, although in the right hands, those ingredients produce a delicious meal typical of the eastern Mediterranean. “Turkish food is not just for the nourishment of the body,” says ... Read More

Dome Island Captures Young Author’s Imagination

Dome Island is that rarest of things, an undisturbed piece of wilderness in the middle of Lake George.  Noah Chirnomas, an 18-year-old New Jersey resident who graduated from high school earlier this year, is among the hundreds of thousands who ... Read More


A lot has changed in Sweet Briar Bay since 1936,  the first year Dr. Doug Langdon looked out upon the lake from the property he now owns. Horace Barber’s Boat Livery is gone, and so is the Algonquin Hotel above the road. The hotel’s ... Read More

Adirondacks Still Out of Reach of Rail Passengers

Amtrak’s Ethan Allen Express now offers daily service between New York and Burlington, VT, with stops in Albany, Vergennes and Middlebury. Amtrak also restored service recently to cities between New York and Toronto aboard  the Maple Leaf. ... Read More


“The Thatchers: Photographing Lake George 1880-1950,” the exhibition that opened last summer at the Bolton Historical Museum, has been expanded to include a gallery devoted to Fred Thatcher’s Lake George, titled “This Was Lake George.”  ... Read More