Your Lake, Your Newspaper


Hague: A Little Town that Not Only Could, but Did

Salt levels in Lake George tripled over 30 years, from 1980, when New York State and local governments began applying tons of rock salt to their roads in response to a public demand for uninterrupted travel, to 2010, when RPI’s Darrin Fresh Water ... Read More

Local Lives: The Rev. Dr. W.H. Paxton

In November, 1904, the Rev. Dr. W.H. Paxton, a trustee of Princeton University of nearly forty years standing, died of a paralytic stroke. He was seized “directly after the Yale-Princeton football game,” according to the New York Times.  The ... Read More

The DEC Versus the Adirondack Forest Preserve

The main threat to the Adirondack Forest Preserve, the late conservationist David L. Newhouse once wrote,  comes not from any overt pressure to overturn Article XIV, the state constitution’s “Forever Wild” clause,  but, ... Read More