Your Lake, Your Newspaper


Peace to all Mankind

Before moving us to the Adirondacks in the fall of 1956 to become a country editor, my father, Rob Hall, had what must have been a rewarding though far from lucrative career as a left wing journalist. His 1955 reporting from the Sumner, Mississippi ... Read More

Lake George Uniquely Prepared for HABs Threat

The recent discovery of the first confirmed Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) on Lake George was both alarm bell and sobering reminder that even The Queen of American Lakes is not immune to this devastating problem that has befallen hundreds of other lakes ... Read More

Dome Island: Nature’s Research Laboratory

Scarcely interrupted  by man’s exertions since the 19th century, Dome Island’s natural evolution  has functioned as a wilderness laboratory since the early 1960s, shortly after it was donated to the Nature Conservancy by ... Read More

Within Living Memory

Between the downing of Franklin County’s last indigenous moose and the creation of the Adirondack Park Agency, fewer than one hundred years elapsed.  Within that time, electricity came to the Adirondacks, as did bootleggers, men and women ... Read More