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History of the Lake George Mirror

The Mirror: 1880

The History of a Newspaper, The Story of a Community When the Lake George Mirror was established in 1880, it was not intended to be the lake-wide summer newspaper that it became but, rather, a year-round community newspaper for the hamlet of Lake ... Read More

The Mirror: 1890

The paper muddled along until W.H. Tippetts moved from Heart Bay to Assembly Point and revived the Lake George Mirror as a medium to promote Lake George as a summer resort. Tippetts celebrated not only the beauty and the history of Lake George but ... Read More

The Mirror: 1907

Believing that the Mirror was too important to the community to be allowed to fold, the paper was purchased in 1902 by Edwin J. Worden, the owner of the Worden Hotel. He retained a number of editors, including John L. Tubbs, a former owner, and in ... Read More

The Mirror: 1970

Robert Hall had moved his family to the Adirondacks in 1956 at the suggestion of artist Rockwell Kent. He had been a Washington and European correspondent for the Daily Worker and later, the editor of its Sunday edition. By the mid-fifties, he had ... Read More

The Mirror: 1998

The Mirror passed through several hands before Tony Hall, Robert Hall’s son and at the time an aide to Ron Stafford, the region’s legendary state senator, expressed an interest in it in the mid-1990s. Determined to live in the ... Read More

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