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COVID-19 Cases in Lake George Region Expected to Rise

Hudson Headwaters Health Network anticipates “an uptick” in the numbers of  North Country residents with COVID-19 within the next two weeks,  Dr. Tucker Slingerland, the Network’s president and CEO, said March 27. The ... Read More

Adirondack Bookshelf: The Winter Army by Maurice Isserman

Hal Burton. Arthur Draper. James Goodwin. These figures, each one an Adirondack legend, opened the area to winter skiing, from the backcountry ski trail on Wright Peak to the first downhill runs at Whiteface.  Not coincidentally, all three were ... Read More

A New Golf Course for a New Century

In 2025, the Ticonderoga Golf Course will be one hundred years old. Established as a country club by International Paper for the use of its managers and their families, and to induce more families to move to Ticonderoga, it was a gathering place for ... Read More