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A Federal-State Partnership to Save the Adirondacks

“We urge  Congress and the President to give consideration to the establishment of an Interstate Park System,” Governor Nelson Rockefeller’s Temporary Study Commission on the Future of the Adirondacks stated in 1970. “We believe the ... Read More

They Take to the Woods:

From an ecologist’s perspective, there is nothing especially extraordinary about this patch of woods at the edge of The Wild Center in Tupper Lake. “A sixty-year-old succession forest, dominated by scotch pines at the end of their life span, soon ... Read More

Dan Cameron: A Curator’s Collages at the Lake George Arts Project

As a curator, Dan Cameron likes work that is “bursting at the seams,” as he once told an interviewer. His own artwork might seem a bit more restrained. Nevertheless, some of the pieces now on display in “Pictures within Pictures” at the Lake ... Read More