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Adirondack Theatre Festival’s Miriam Weisfeld: Localizing the Global, Globalizing the Local

Its evocative place-based name notwithstanding, there is nothing narrowly regional – that is, parochial –  about the Adirondack Theatre Festival. “The Adirondack Theatre Festival has a history, not only of participating in ... Read More

Adirondack Bookshelf: Christopher Shaw’s ‘The Crazy Wisdom’

If you never met Jon Cody, this memoir by Christopher Shaw will make you wish you had. Or perhaps not. A skilled craftsman and enterprising retailer and antique trader, Cody was also a drug dealer, an arsonist, a gunslinger, a rake.  He ... Read More

Public Citizens and Public Authorities

Pete Seeger, who died in 2014 at the age of 94 and whose music inspirited popular crusades for civil, labor and women’s rights, environmental conservation and peace, would, by any definition, be considered a public citizen. As it ... Read More