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Local Memorial Day Tribute Receives National Attention

Denise Liquori Foster, Warrensburg Jr-Sr High School’s band director, wanted to participate in something larger – much larger- than herself on Memorial Day this year.  Instead, without ever intending to, she became a focus national ... Read More

The Making of “Summer Rush”

Three restaurants. Three alpha males. One small town. And one family, a father and two sons, wives beside them, struggling to make the most of a short summer season, sometimes at the expense of one another. That’s the premise behind “Summer ... Read More

Composer Molly Herron, Innovator Steeped in Tradition, Wins Lake George Music Festival’s 2020 Competition

Molly Herron, a Ph.D. candidate in composition at Princeton University, has won the 2020 Lake George Music Festival Composition Competition. Her submission, “Three Sarabandes,” written for a string quartet, has been described as “a meditation ... Read More