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Ways of the Wilds: Lower Adirondacks Search & Rescue

Many hike and hunt in the Adirondacks. Only a few volunteer their time and skills to search for those who lose their way in the 6 million acre park. When a hunter from Tupper Lake went missing in St. Lawrence County in November, members of Adirondack ... Read More

Adirondack Theatre Festival’s Miriam Weisfeld: Localizing the Global, Globalizing the Local

Its evocative place-based name notwithstanding, there is nothing narrowly regional – that is, parochial –  about the Adirondack Theatre Festival. “The Adirondack Theatre Festival has a history, not only of participating in ... Read More

Adirondack Bookshelf: Christopher Shaw’s ‘The Crazy Wisdom’

If you never met Jon Cody, this memoir by Christopher Shaw will make you wish you had. Or perhaps not. A skilled craftsman and enterprising retailer and antique trader, Cody was also a drug dealer, an arsonist, a gunslinger, a rake.  He ... Read More