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Dan Cameron: A Curator’s Collages at the Lake George Arts Project

As a curator, Dan Cameron likes work that is “bursting at the seams,” as he once told an interviewer. His own artwork might seem a bit more restrained. Nevertheless, some of the pieces now on display in “Pictures within Pictures” at the Lake ... Read More

“A Well Regulated Militia: Citizen, Soldier, and State”

America’s early militias fought Native Americans, the French, the British, Canadians and even citizens of the US. For Anti-Federalists and Jeffersonians, the citizen militia was not simply an armed force; it was a school for civic virtue, an ... Read More

NYS Offering Aid to Lake George Shore Owners with Failing Septic Systems

Homeowners within 250 feet of Lake George in Warren, Essex and Washington Counties could be eligible for New York State funds to replace aging or failing septic systems. The state’s Septic System Replacement Program recently received $15 million in ... Read More