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Spring Awakening

“Spring is a time for the renewal of life,” wrote Rachel Carson in “The Sea Around Us,” a book published ten years before her more famous “Silent Spring.” As Carson observed (both beautifully and precisely), “Spring moves over the ... Read More

Taking Health Care to the Town Square

The doctor is on her way. Or, to be more precise, a mobile, primary health care center, the first in the Adirondacks, is on its way to under-served communities between the Canadian border and the Capital District. Thanks to a three-year, $1 million ... Read More

Imagine: Lake George Without Milfoil

With more money, more hands and more time, more Eurasian milfoil was harvested from Lake George last summer than in either two previous years. According to Dave Wick, the Lake George Park Commission’s executive director, that level of spending will ... Read More

The Future Now

Editor's Pick
Here on Lake George, the engineers, scientists and advocates whose organizations comprise the Jefferson Project –IBM Research, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and The Fund for Lake George – are reviewing this year’s accomplishments and ... Read More

It’s Time to Build the Hudson River Bike Trail

A tremendous opportunity exists for communities in Warren County and northern Saratoga County to build what could be one of the great multi-use public recreation trails in New York and the eastern U.S. A groundswell of support is emerging for ... Read More