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Conflict Management and Resolution on Lake George

Regulations, judgement, compromise, education  and, when necessary, legal action, are all parts of the toolkit Given its size, Lake George can, in theory, comfortably accommodate 4,500 boats at any given time; but even at peak times, a ... Read More

Rural Medicine’s Next Big Thing

Hudson Headwater Health Network’s new emphasis on palliative care and hospice care is in many ways a return to an old fashioned “art of medicine” “It feels good to be a pioneer – once again,” says Dr. John Rugge, ... Read More

To Create a Park

Mirror Choice
Fifty Years After the Temporary Study Commission on the Future of the Adirondacks was formed, historians assess its significance and its role in the creation of a unified Adirondack Park Phil Terrie, the historian of the Adirondacks whose volume of ... Read More