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“Forward into Light”

Harry McDougall, Essex County Clerk, Republican chairman, Dairymen’s League president and – more to the point – real estate agent, could not have known how accurately he had read my parents’ inclinations when he showed them a cottage that ... Read More

The Sewell Sisters: Art for the People

“She Did…What?,” the current exhibition at the Bolton Museum, profiles seven women, two of whom were sisters: Marjorie Sewell Cautley and Helen Sewell. Like the six other women, the Sewells called Bolton home (for at least parts of the year) ... Read More

How the Story Begins

Reportedly, her dying words were: “Oh, if only to have another summer on the island….” She is also believed to be the benign ghost who still haunts Recluse Island, appearing before unknowing children or in the form of footsteps heard overhead, ... Read More