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Common Ground/Common Good

The long-term viability of the Adirondack Park requires not only that we make affordable and accessible housing available, but that we pursue it collectively, as a region, one composed of multiple communities with diverging needs, as part of a ... Read More

The Greening of the Grid

Hydro dams within the Adirondacks generate four times more electricity than in-park homes and businesses could ever consume – in fact, enough power to illuminate much of upstate New York. But almost none of that energy has been available locally. ... Read More

Meet Minnie the Timber Rattlesnake

A white-footed mouse that exchanged the forests of Lake George for a cozy lakeshore camp found itself not only in a mouse trap but inside the belly of a Timber Rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus). According to Dr. William S. Brown, the biologist whose ... Read More