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Marie-Line Alvernhe

Madeline 1982: La Nouvelle France in Lake George

Once a gas station, then a pizza parlor, then a Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealership, the former eyesore opposite the Tiki motel on Route 9 is now, for Lake George, an unusually distinctive building; of even greater significance, it houses a new ... Read More
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From Acid Rain to Climate Change

By 2050, according to the World Bank, nearly 7 of every 10 persons alive will live in cities. Today, 56% of the world’s population – 4.4 billion inhabitants – live in urban centers, and, not un-coincidentally, more people than ever – ... Read More
A working group is seeking grants that might enable Warren County to build its own, intermunicipal recycling center – perhaps in Lake George.

Warren County: Taking Organics and Recyclables Seriously

If New York is to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 85% before 2050, as required by state law, it must reduce food loss and waste by almost as much. Methane from food rotting in landfills, gasses from waste incineration and carbon from trucks ... Read More