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The DEC Versus the Adirondack Forest Preserve

The main threat to the Adirondack Forest Preserve, the late conservationist David L. Newhouse once wrote,  comes not from any overt pressure to overturn Article XIV, the state constitution’s “Forever Wild” clause,  but, ... Read More

Watershed Counties, Towns, Brewing Liquid Solution To Cut Salt Use, Protect Lake and Save Tax Dollars

The amount of chlorides deposited by highway crews in the Lake George watershed has begun to shrink at least in part because of the growing use of a salty, liquid solution known as brine. The contamination of groundwater, tributaries and ultimately ... Read More

750-Mile Empire State Trail to Officially Open Dec. 31

The Empire State is getting America’s longest multi-use trail, giving Lake George residents direct access to 750 miles of repurposed towpaths, vestigial railroad beds and rural highways. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced plans for the trail in ... Read More