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“Devoted to the interests of the Queen of American Lakes”

was both the motto and the policy of the Lake George Mirror almost from the beginning. We’ve seen no reason to change the motto, or alter the policy. The interests of the lake have not changed so much as they have multiplied. Over the years they have included the development of Lake George as a summer resort, the conservation of fish and wildlife, the promotion of safe boating. Today those interests include protecting the purity of the water and keeping the shorelines and hillsides unspoiled. Who wouldn’t devote themselves to those interests? The interests of the lake, however, cannot be abstracted or separated from the interests of the town councilmen and their constituents, the summer residents, the chambers of commerce. Every group has an interest in the lake, but those interests are not always identical. While there’s universal agreement that Lake George must be protected, there is much less agreement on how best to protect the lake, or, for that matter, on what constitutes the most urgent threat to its welfare. The lake may be common ground. But as we know from accounts of Lake George in the eighteenth century, when the lake was claimed by both the French and the British, common ground is often contested ground. We are not so presumptuous as to believe that we know in every case where the best interests of Lake George lie. On every issue, reasonable, disinterested opinion can be found. It’s not always to be found in the same place, or among the same people. We make a deliberate effort to seek out that opinion, and try to learn from it. We also make our columns available to opinions of every sort, disinterested or not, and do our best to provide you with information that will help you make informed judgements. We can best serve your interests, and the interests of the Queen of American Lakes, by publishing what we hope is a fair, intelligent paper.
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For more than one hundred years, Lake George has been the focus of every issue of the Lake George Mirror. We now publish 23 weekly issues every summer and four monthly issues in the off-seasons. No matter what the season, every issue is about the lake; its news, its history, its people. Whether you’re on Lake George year-round or for just a few months, we’ll keep you informed about everything that touches your life here. Subscribing takes 3 easy steps:

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