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The Trails of the Adirondacks: Hiking America’s Original Wilderness

National Trails Day, celebrated on Lake George by the Lake George Land Conservancy, fell this year on June 1. (To honor Trails Day, a nationally coordinated event created  to entice people at all levels of fitness into the outdoors, ... Read More

Ticonderoga’s Moses Ludington: Affiliation with UVM Network Creates Model for Sustainable Health Care

Making the transition from a one hundred year old community hospital nearing obsolescence to a state-wide model of sustainable health care is not only a lengthy and expensive process but a courageous one, says John Remillard, the president of ... Read More

Lake George Park Commission Awarded Funds to Eliminate Worst Milfoil Beds

With more money, more hands and more time, more Milfoil will be harvested from Lake George this summer than in either of the two previous years. “It will be big, big effort this summer,” said Pat Dowd, the communications director of the Lake ... Read More